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Ranchito and Archwood

Another place I like to go on walks with my dog is an oddball intersection about a mile from my house.

Ranchito swings back to the west just a little bit here (back into alignment with the rest of its north-south path) which leaves this curious intersection.

This intersection has a lot going on:

First of all, it’s a residental street with a merging lane. This doesn’t seem like it would be a very common occurrence.

Secondly, when approaching the intersection from the west you actually seem to have 2 points where you have to stop.

On the left side of the above picture is where the stop sign for east bound traffic actually is. If you’re turning to the south, you can stop there and prepare to merge in with the other southbound traffic.

If you’re continuing eastward or turning north, you have to move up so you can see traffic coming from the north, which brings you into the intersection.

This merge lane is obviously here for safety, since from where the eastbound stop sign is you can’t see traffic coming from the north. The whole reason this extra-wide intersection exists is because of Ranchito’s swing to the east for a block between Vanowen and Archwood.

It makes me wonder what precipitated the need to reroute Ranchito for this short stretch.