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Vose Street's Hidden Neighborhood

Around the corner from my house there exists an interesting little hidden neighborhood.

I was out walking my dog one night and we discovered it and decided to have a look.

The entrance to this neighborhood is partially blocked by what appears to be 2 properties that have encroached on the short street. The passage past the 2 properties is very narrow, and gives this place an atmosphere of a hidden neighborhood.

Once past the gateway, everything seems to be as a normal street would be with street parking and a full-sized road.

The end of the street, where there would normally be a cul-de-sac also seems to have been encroached upon by the neighbor to the north, so half of the cul-de-sac is walled in behind someone’s property.

I wonder if the 3 encroachments are somehow related.

I’ve walked my dog down to this neighborhood quite a bit, and would actually love to live in one of the homes along this street, simply because of the ‘hiddenness’ of it.

Even from the inside it seems very hidden.