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You Can't Plan This

In an area where city planners built an impressive, masterfully executed grid system of streets, there exist anomalies. These anomalies fascinate me. Intersections which don’t fit the grid mold. Streets being encroached upon causing interesting artifacts in the layout. Passageways hidden in plain sight allowing easier transit between otherwise isolated areas. These are the subject of my new series of posts.

I honestly don’t know why these anomalies fascinate me so. Maybe it’s just because they break up the monotony of the Valley’s grid layout. Maybe it’s because I think about what it might be to live near one. Maybe it’s just because I’m weird. Who knows?

I don’t intend to limit these posts to anomalies in the San Fernando Valley. In fact, I very much want to do some more urban exploration and find even more. I’m starting with the Valley, though, and specifically ones in my neighborhood because they’re the ones I’ve discovered and visit often.

Another area I intend to explore are the secret staircases in LA. Yes, they’ve been fairly well covered, but I haven’t been to them, and I would very much like to.

Non-car freeway crossings are also of interest to me. There are quite a number of foot bridges and tunnels which cross LA’s freeways and each one is unique. Some have simple run-ups and just cross the freeway, others have spiral ramps marking a sharp rise in elevation in a small space.

If it goes against the grid, I’m probably interested in it. Even better if I can get there easily on my bike!

I already have a couple of posts up about this subject, and hope to get out and find some more, soon.

If you have a place in mind you think fits in this category, let me know and I’ll check it out!