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Just a Quick Update

Just a quick update here. I really should get some pictures for this post, but I’m lazy, and if I put the post off pending pictures, I’ll never make the post. Not like anyone is going to read this, anyways ;–)

I got my new lab box the other day. It’s a quad core AMD something or other with 16GB of ram. The ram, of course, is the only really important bit. I’m working on moving my home services (Jenkins, nagios, gitolite, vpn, etc) over to it but I’m not in any huge hurry, so it’s taking a while.

The main reason I bought it is so I can have a machine to run some VM guests on. I’ve been wanting to try out Vagrant for a while, figure out what it’s capable of, how best to put it to use, etc. I’m liking it so far, but it’s not quite what I was hoping it would be. It is going to prove itself incredibly useful, though, so that works for me.

My folks bought me some fireplace stuff for Christmas. I now have a screen and a set of fireplace tools, so I’ve been going nuts lighting fires in my living room! A coworker of mine gave me a bunch of Pine Mountain logs, so I’ve been using those. I like them, but somehow I suspect I’ll like actual firewood that much better, so I’ll be getting some at some point.

I finally updated to iOS6 on my iPhone 4S now that Google finally came out with their maps app. Both the maps app and iOS6 are pretty slick and I’m happy I was finally able to upgrade.

On the ham radio front, I haven’t done too much, sadly. The local repeaters all seem pretty quiet, except of course for 435, but even that was quiet for a couple of weeks while it was moved. And of course now that it’s back up it’s back to jamming and general douchebaggery. Hopefully it’ll get better and I’ll be able to enjoy it more.

Tomorrow and Monday I’ll be doing a whole lot of cleaning. My house is a complete disaster and it’s starting to drive me nuts. Also, my dad always told me it’s nicer to come home to a clean house, so that’s my goal. Hopefully the cats don’t undo everything while I’m gone.

Speaking of being gone, I’ll be heading home to Mount Pleasant, IA next week. My brother is getting married on New Year’s Eve, so I figure that’s a reasonable excuse to go home. I’m flying through Denver, so hopefully I won’t have any weather troubles. I’m pretty sure DIA DEN knows how to handle a bit of snow by this point!

On the cats front, Bean and Jimmy are still getting along great. Bean is about the same size as Jimmy nowadays, and I think he still has a bit more growing to do. They’ve been really enjoying all of the boxes I’ve gotten recently from Amazon and elsewhere. They fight all the time, which is good, Jimmy really needs the interaction, he’s a bit on the husky side methinks.

Hopefully I’ll be able to find a nice cozy corner of some coffee shop or somewhere to escape to next week so I can get some work done on my side projects. Pipestash is up on GitHub, but I need to test it with Apache and make sure that’s going to work. Peabody needs some attention, and I hope to get its logstash output working by the time I get home. I’ve really been looking forward to using peabody or something like it at work for some time, and now I feel like it’s within reach. I know, I know. It’s vacation, I should be vacationing. It’s also December in Iowa at my folks’ house. I’m going to need an escape!

I’m really looking forward to getting some Pagliai’s pizza, hitting up John’s Grocery for some beer, and chowing down on some chicken from Mt. Hamill Tap (warning: auto-playing music). I’ll also be heading over to Fairfield on Friday to meet up with someone I found on biglumber to exchange PGP signatures.

When I get back to LA, I need to do some more of my urban anomalies series. It’ll get me out of the house and get me doing more stuff on the blog, both of which are good things!

Anywho, that’s all for now. Have a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!