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One Year Smoke Free

Saturday night at about 1am was the first anniversary of me being smoke free! Woo!

It was pretty rough for the first several weeks, but overall it’s been a breeze. Thankfully, I had some help from the fine folks at /r/stopsmoking who both helped me get started and helped keep me going when the cravings got pretty bad.

The biggest realization I had which made it really easy for me to quit was the fact that the only enjoyment I was getting out of smoking was relief from the withdrawal symptoms. I wasn’t actually enjoying smoking most of the time. Sure, there may have been times where it felt good or it enhanced a particularly pleasurable sitation (and those are the triggers which have been the worst to deal with) but for the most part I didn’t actually enjoy it, it’s just something I did.

If you’re considering quitting, I highly recommend it, of course. I’m here if you need any help with it or someone to vent to if the cravings are getting bad!